Lifestyle Accessories

Our range of lifestyle accessories and gift ideas for teen and tween girls, including bullet journals, water bottles, pop sockets, mobile chargers, bag accessories / key rings, phone pouches, nail stampers and more.
Lifestyle Accessories
23 results
Bullet Journal  |  Black
Bullet Journal  |  Blue
Bullet Journal  |  Grey
Bullet Journal  |  Pink
Cascabelle Keyring  |  Gold
Cascabelle Keyring  |  Silver
Mobile Charger  |  Black
Mobile Charger  |  White
Nail Stamper Set
Pack of 10 Stickers
Phone Pouch  |  Cream
Phone Pouch  |  Fuchsia
Phone Pouch  |  Grey
Phone Pouch  |  Navy Blue
Phone Pouch  |  Pink
Pop Socket  |  Style 01
Pop Socket  |  Style 03
Pop Socket  |  Style 05
Pop Socket  |  Style 06
Pop Socket  |  Style 08
Rainbow Pom Pom Keyring
Snowball Keyring
Water Bottle