How to buy a present for a Teen/Tween girl

How to buy a present for a Teen/Tween girl

Kids get invited to birthday parties a lot. They all love celebrating growing up and sharing the day with their friends and family. I learned early on as a parent, that it is best to be prepared, as suddenly realising you have to buy a present, wrap it, find a card and write it, is no fun for anyone, especially if you have a very busy day.

So I keep a stash of suitable presents for my daughter's Teen and Tween girlfriend's for any occasion, that I've bought well in advance using certain tried and tested criteria. It always feels good to be ready when you need the perfect present, and you already have one to hand, so my first pointer is: I buy them well in advance. Whenever I see a nice present, or a cute card, I buy them, keeping a few in a drawer so I am always ready (and stress free) when they are needed.

But how do we chose the right thing to be suitable as a present for most? Even when it comes to our own kids, this is an impossible task, let alone for someone else's child! Add to that the extra difficulty of trying to buy something that will be suitable for most of them! I find that this is always the most difficult part. Teen and Tween girls are developing their own tastes, they tend to be fashion savvy, they may be influenced by trends and they know very well what they want, what they like and what they dislike. So what do I buy then? I consider a few possibilities, and the more boxes it ticks, the better. So my second pointer is: I go for presents that are timeless, special, durable, useful, useable and appropriate for any age, as much as possible. 

If you buy something that is very fashionable they may wear it for a short period of time, but only if you were lucky enough to chose a trend to her taste. If you buy something that is more timeless and special, she may not wear it every day, but it is more likely that she will wear it many often on the right occasions and for many many years to come.

An example of this would be our pair of Silver Leaf Barrettes. They can be worn by girls of all ages up into adulthood, they can be styled in many different ways and they can be dressed up or down, making them ideal for many different occasions.

Since what we are buying is a present, I have always been mindful of presentation. Many times the way something is presented gives as much joy and excitement as the present itself. Isn't it wonderful to have a beautiful little parcel in our hands? My third pointer then is: I always make sure the present is nicely presented.

At Cascabelle, we are also mindful of the environment and we try to make our items fit more than one purpose, so we wrap every item in our signature bags. The smaller organza bags can be used for storing jewellery or to keep it together when travelling, and our canvas bags can be used to carry larger items, as it is a small drawstring backpack.

I hope my pointers help you, but remember, it's the thought that counts. Good luck and many happy returns to the birthday girl!

The Cascabelle Team